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Operator Accessories 

The RDX commercial operator has been discontinued.

Accessories for RDX®

Interface Module

The optional interface module (111257.0001) is designed to allow Overhead Door® standard radio remote control receivers, additional Open/Close/Stop or single button input to operate with RDX® control units.

To maintain compliance when using a sensing edge as a primary safety device with the RDX® commercial operators labeled UL 325 2010, you must use the following module:

Monitored Edge Interface Module

Monitored Edge Interface Module – provides an interface between two-wire monitored sensing edges and our X-Series operators. This module allows for the connection of a two-wire monitored sensing edge to be connected to the ODC STB terminals. Compatible for use on Miller Edge electronic two-wire monitored edge models ME, MT and MU.



Overhead Door® Receivers: the Horton type (9-Switch Trinary) and the Dual Frequency CodeDodger® Rolling Code Receiver work with one, two, three and four-button transmitters.

Radio Transmitters

Radio Transmitters

Overhead Door® commercial radio transmitter of the same frequency as your selected transmitter receiver.

Sensing Devices

Bottom Sensing Edge

stop and reverses the door upon contact with an obstruction.


senses an obstruction and signals the operator to stop or reverse the door. Commercial Photo Eye Kit® - metal enclosure further protects Safe-T-Beam® photo eyes from damage.


is a set of infrared transmitter and receiver safety sensors constructed of durable materials to withstand the toughest environments including commercial and industrial applications.


Solenoid Lock

The RDX® commercial operator is designed to offer safe operation without damaging the door while employing a standard slide lock as the main locking system. The auto-lock is an integrated electronic solenoid-operated bolt locking system that provides an extra measure of security for doors that require radio control operation.
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