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 Model 850 


Thermacore AP Model 850 

The Thermacore® AP Model 850 is engineered to deliver advanced performance in commercial and industrial applications where climate control, durability and ease of maintenance are primary concerns.

The Thermacore® AP door system’s advanced performance answers the demand for more reliability, durability, design flexibility and thermal efficiency.

This door system presents the most advanced thermal performance values published by any major US manufacturer of 3" commercial insulated sectional doors with an R-value* of 26, U-value** of .038 and a tested installed U-factor of .14.

Standard max width

40'2" (12,243 mm)

Standard max height

24'1" (7317 mm)

Panel thickness

3" (76.2 mm)


26 (4.58 Msq/W)


0.038 (.22 W/Msq)

Installed U-Factor

.14 Btu/hr x ft² x Fº (.80 W/m²)

Air infiltration

At 15 mph (24 kmph) .09 cfm/ft² (1.65 m³/hr/m²)

Thermal break

1-3/4" wide PVC thermal break; PVC thermal break on end stiles

Exterior steel

.015" (.38 mm)

Exterior surface

Microgroove, textured

Standard springs

10,000 cycle


10 year limited delamination
1 year material and workmanship
3 year/20,000 cycle door and operator system (material and workmanship)

*  R-value is a measure of thermal efficiency. The higher the R-value the greater the insulating properties of the door. Overhead Door  Corporation uses a calculated door curtain R-value for our insulated doors.
**U-value is a measure of the flow of heat through an insulating or building material; the lower the U-value, the better the insulating ability. U-value is the inverse of R-value.
†  Installed U-factor is a tested value of actual energy loss - whether heat or cold - of an installed door, wall, or window assembly (calculated per ASHRAE). The lower the number the lower the energy loss and therefore the better the thermal performance. For best U-factor, choose finish and color with high solar reflectance (bright colors).

Exterior color options

color swatch whitecolor swatch browncolor swatch almondcolor swatch taupe

Finish options include two coats of baked-on polyester paint, available in four colors to blend with the design aesthetic of the facility. Actual door color may vary slightly from the digital representation above. Color samples are available by request through your local Overhead Door Distributor.

Window Glazing Options

Additional Options

For applications with advanced security and safety needs consider extra locks, a sensing edge, photo-eyes, and a cable failure device. For high usage projects consider the high cycle springs and high cycle components package. Ask your Overhead Door Distributor for more information about the special applications options.

  • Large thermal lites (25" w x 13" h); black frame standard
  • Optional color matched frame available
  • Glass: insulated, insulated tempered, multi-wall polycarbonate in clear, bronze, or white
  • High-cycle springs
  • High-usage components
  • Electric operator
  • Chain hoist
  • Cable failure device
  • Bottom sensing edge
  • Exhaust Ports (available in 3" and 4")