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 Model 641 


fire-rated counter doors 

The Model 641 fire-rated counter door is ideal for applications including factories, schools, concessions, hospitals, cafeterias and retail settings. Standard labels available include a 3 hour UL Class A label for masonry applications, or a 1-1/2 hour UL Class B label for non-masonry fire walls (3 hour UL label for non-masonry is available upon request). These doors are designed to expand upward in a fire, allowing the guides to be installed flush with the sill. Their compact, box-like provides an attractive finished appearance that requires minimum side-room. The Model 641 has exposed components made of stainless steel.

A 1-1/2 hour UL fire-rated countertop with fire-resistant core is an available option offered in a variety of popular decorative laminate finishes. A fusible link is mounted to automatically close the door in case of fire. Additional safety and protection features are available, including: Fire Sentinel® time-delay release device, FireLite® vision lites, smoke detectors, horns and strobes. The 641 model fire-rated counter door is UL approved. FM labels are available with the addition of FM approved flame baffle option.

Max. standard width

14'0" (4267 mm)

Labels - masonry

UL 3 hour Class A (FM optional)

Labels – non-masonry

UL 1-1/2 hour Class B (FM optional; 3 hour optional UL & FM)

NFPA-80 compliant


24-month limited


Flat slat curtain design in No. 4 stainless steel finish

Fusible link for added safety

Separates at 165°F (74°C) to automatically close the door in case of fire

Controlled rate of descent

Governor controls rate of door descent during a fire

Attractive appearance

Compact box guide design for an attractive appearance

Upward-expanding guide design

Allows for flush to counter top installation


Slide bolt locking on push-up/crank

  • Flame baffle system (required for optional FM label)
  • Fire Sentinel® time-delay release device
  • FireLite® vision lites
  • Firestop® fire-resistant core countertops surfaced with the most popular brands of decorative laminates
  • UL listed brush-type smoke seals
  • Photoelectric or ionization-type smoke detectors
  • Crank or electric operation (CDXTM)
  • Electric operation does not require tension reset after drop test or closure due to power loss
  • PowderGuard™ Finish offers a full spectrum of up to 215 colors as well as color-matching to specification
  • 20 minute UL smoke label on doors up to 12'0" wide  x 10'0" high